• "Artburn" by Robbie Conal


    Artburn is a collection of the best pages from six years of Robbie Conal's satirical monthly column in the LA Weekly, updated with background factoids and secret war stories about his subjects, including the likes (and dislikes) of: Dubya, Dick Cheney, John Ashcroft, Rush Limbaugh, Bill, Hillary and Monica, Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson, even Bill Gates, among others. Artburn reveals production shots of the original pages Robbie and his midnight deadline crew perpetrated at the very alternative LA Weekly, and a chapter of images and voices of the denizens themselves. We've even thrown in a dozen late-night remixes that were too hot for the Weekly to print.

    Includes a Preface by Howard Zinn

    Published by RDV Books, 2003, 80 pages, full-color. 

    Posters by Robbie Conal