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    WHEN: 4 Saturday afternoons in August. AUGUST CLASSES ARE SOLD OUT! Please check back for new classes in September and October, 2013.
    WHERE: At Robbie’s Home/Studio, in Culver City, CA 
    WHAT: Classes are limited to a small number of students, insuring the personal attention necessary for an optimized learning experience. Students will draw a different nude models each week, male & female, in the garden patio near his studio. You’ll experience Robbie’s singular teaching style–contextualizing the practice of life drawing by incorporating audio-visual aides (internet research, art books, and YouTube interviews with artists), as they relate to your drawings, your interests, and life in general. In other words, relating your art to everything around us. “Art is Life!” That’s why Robbie prefers to call this class (which includes snacks, beverages, and world 
    music), “DRAWING LIFE.”
    WHO: Students with previous drawing experience encouraged. Ages 17+
    REGISTRATION & PAYMENT: $400 for 4 classes. Sign up before July 14th for a 10% discount off total: $360. Insure your place in this exclusive class now. Payment must be received before the first class begins to guarantee spot. Click Add to Cart above to sign up.
    FOR MORE INFORMATION: Regarding previous level of experience necessary, drawing materials, please email info@robbieconal.com

    “The art of life drawing is more than just technique, anatomy, proportions and all that. It’s a way of understanding the character of another human being through relational perception. Learning to analyze and appreciate the natural rhythms of each model’s personal body type & language. Developing your hand, eye and empathy coordination by fine-tuning your millions of empathic mirror neurons to feel yourself into each pose. Becoming good at life drawing is like being an athlete in training: learning to exercise your muscles of observation, building up the stamina to concentrate totally on your subject. It requires staying in “the zone” long enough to put body and soul—your model’s and your own—into a drawing. Using whatever drawing materials you choose to employ, from a simple pencil to a multi-media extravaganza, we’ll teach them all, and enjoy every minute!”

    Posters by Robbie Conal