• "OMMMMIGAWD!" (Ganesh and Mr. & Mrs. M. Mouse!)

    Sold out.

    Limited edition, inkjet print derived from a recently completed oil pastel drawing. This playful drawing honors Ganesh, the lively Hindu God with the head of an elephant, who's often accompanied by, or metaphorically "riding" a mouse. Here, Ganesh is encouraging peace between a couple of well known mice in the middle of a domestic tiff!

    The "go to" remover of obstacles to personal happiness, Ganesh is far and away the most popular household deity in India and beyond. We love him too, for his wisdom, charm, sense of humor, and especially as the bringer of good fortune at the start of new ventures. In Robbie's incarnation–in the pink–he is also the guarantor, even the arbiter when necessary, of domestic bliss! 

    Ganesh has got us chanting, OMMMMIGAWD! (And namaste too!)

    Edition of 40, full color + glitter, inkjet prints; 15"H x 11"W.

    Posters by Robbie Conal